Each morning I check in with myself:  What day is it?, Do I feel ok?, What is my goal today?, Mind, Body, Spirit...check,check,check.  This is my mantra to keep myself centered.  What is yours?

I have learned to look at each new day optimistically. This is an opportunity to grow creatively, spiritually, motheringly (if that is a word?), and physically.  

Although we cannot see our parents or elder family members in the physical sense, we can call, zoom, text and tell them how much we love them.   In essence, our family members have now become long distance friends even though they live 1 hour away.  Our friends who live close by are zoom friends now.  A big adjustment for everyone.

If we attempt to get together, it is annoying...... It is hard to talk to each other with a mask on!!!  You cannot hug hello or goodbye.  If I take my mask off while I am with someone, am I risking anyone's life?  I could not live with the guilt of that.

Fear of Missing Out- Ha!  There is not room for that thought, it is time to be careful and thoughtful.   

I realized others were thinking the same thing by the amount of orders I received for this birdy fingerprint necklace and other keepsake memory gifts.  Customers really wanted to send a meaningful gift that a mom, sister, aunt, grandma, etc could feel a connection to while social distancing from loved ones.  Many gifts were ordered with a special message about "keeping you close in my heart" or "granny's heart" .  The messages being sent revealed what was happening in people's hearts.

It is so rewarding to know that I have helped hundreds of people make this special connection.  Customers send me such sweet thank yous and that makes my day!!!  A huge reward for a small but unique gift.  Each time I receive a thank you, I am instantly happy that I made someones day and in turn, they made mine!

I Remember to be grateful, to reach out to someone who may be alone, to count my blessings and know that if we work together we will all get through this.